ARTIFACTs from old FACTORYs + ARTfull design = The ARTiFACTORY! In the course of salvaging lumber for The Woods Company over thirty years, we’ve gathered up a phenomenal amount of cool old things. Foundry patterns, machine parts, architectural goodies, antique woodworking machines, and beautiful wood – The story of America’s industrial past comes alive at The Artifactory. Woods Company founder, Barry Stup, is an avid collector, archivist, historian, and interpreter of the buildings and machinery of industrial America. We’ve devoted 5,000 square feet of our huge facility to displaying vintage industrial furniture and objects. The Artifactory holds a curious collection of one-off pieces of functional sculpture, a museum of American industry, and a “found art” gallery.

Re-Interpreting the Industrial Past

“The late 19th and early 20th century was an incredible time in America. The rapid manufacturing growth and intense innovation of the industrial revolution pulled our country’s economy up by it’s agrarian roots and propelled it forward into the modern age. Today, as American industry declines in the age of global manufacturing controlled by financial elites, I’ve tried to honor this golden age by salvaging what I can from the remains of early industrial buildings. Reclaiming gorgeous antique wood is just one part of the picture. With the Artifactory, The Woods Company’s latest venture, We’re helping to tell the larger story of our industrial past, present and future. We want to make it fun by creating new and interesting products from unexpected sources, and keep the tradition of American manufacturing alive.”

~ Barry Stup, Woods Company dreamer and driver.

Over the last three decades; filled with the entrepreneurial spirit, an innovative mind, passion, dedication, and bravery; Barry Stup built what has become America’s premier reclaimed wood flooring company.

The ArtiFactory is born. Foundry patterns, machine parts, architectural goodies, antique woodworking machines and more; these pieces of America’s industrial past will become artfully designed furniture and interior elements for restaurants and more.