• Welcome to The Woods Company

    Welcome to The Woods Company

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  • Lots of Flooring Choices!

    Lots of Flooring Choices!

    We're the Wide Plank Flooring Specialists. Reclaimed Antique Wood Floors or New Wood floors expertly milled from fine American Lumber. Solid or Engineered, Unfinished or Pre-Finished. Herringbone, End Block, and Wood Brick floors - The Woods Company can provide it all!

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  • Unparalleled Color & Character

    Unparalleled Color & Character

    Wood floors add a unique beauty to any design.

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  • Surface Textures

    Surface Textures

    Surface Treatments add an Extra Dimension. Hand Scraping and Planing. Circle Sawn Textures. Wire Brushing, Burnishing Techniques and more - Ask about Customizing your Wide Plank Floor!

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  • The Finishing Touch

    The Finishing Touch

    We think your floor deserves the Right Finish! Whether a Reclaimed Wood Floor or a New Wood Floor, we're here to help you achieve the look and color that suits your style and makes your floor really stand out. Please call us for assistance!

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  • Stairs, Beams, Timber Frames & More

    Stairs, Beams, Timber Frames & More

    Reclaimed Barn Siding, Paneling & Moldings. The Woods Company craftsmen can produce all the architectural millwork and accessories needed to compliment your floor and complete your interior. We offer much more than just Wood Flooring!

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  • 30 Years of Experience
  • Strict Grading Standards
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Precision Millwork
  • The Widest Product Line & Largest Facility
  • Careful Packaging Protects Your Investment
  • Architectural Accents Complete Your Interior
  • Delivery Is Easy and Inexpensive
  • Kiln Drying Is A Must
  • Our Reputation Is On Your Floor!
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The hickory is here! Everything looks awesome. Long, wide, and full of character. Worth every penny and I still haven't even opened it all up yet. Thanks again, you girls are the best. Brett Schultz and family

Brett Schultz Buxton, North Carolina

The finest & Most Complete Product Line in the Industry

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  • NWFA
    National Wood Flooring Association

    ...represents all segments of the hardwood flooring industry. They provide installation training and resources for wood flooring professionals.

  • US Green Building Council
    U.S. Green Building Council

    ...promotes sustainability in building design, construction and maintenance.

  • BMRA
    Building Materials Reuse Association

    ...an educational & research organization whose mission is to facilitate building deconstruction and the reuse of reclaimed building materials.

  • Green Building Alliance
    Green Building Alliance

    ...a non-profit organization in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that advocates for sustainable building design & green building products.

  • American Chestnut Foundation
    American Chestnut Foundation

    Their mission is to re-establish the magnificent American Chestnut tree into the eastern hardwood forests.

  • NAHB
    National Association of Home Builders

    The trade organisation for the Residential Construction Industry.